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Native forests

Our 3,000 acres of private land includes ancient forests, and there is little shortage of choice when it comes to choosing a route for exploration, walking or biking.

The estate is home to a number of native fern forests, featuring the famous New Zealand silver fern. Enjoy a relaxing exploration of our various flora on the property, and slightly more strenuous tramping expeditions are also available for the adventurous at heart.

Head off around a coastal trail or walk the hills to experience the native birdsong and the distinctive smell and texture of the Podocarp forest. Podocarp trees boast a lineage that stretches back to the time when New Zealand was part of the super continent of Gondwana, and are known as "the giants."

We proudly utilise much of what we grow on our land, foraging the streams for watercress, collecting various mushrooms from the pastures, and gathering fresh kelp from the beach. Everything from stinging nettle to wild tree tomatoes can be found and used in our menus and experiences.
Walking maps are available from the lodge on arrival for you to explore on your own.

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