All alternations to existing builds, or mature landscaping should be vetted by DGC with this application

To be submitted with all new builds

House signage is a tricky and personal choice. This needs approval by the DGC before it is erected.

please complete to ensure we are most up-to-date with your address

To acknowledge a complaint with another ELO, the lodge, the farm, or any other area that we are able to assist please complete and return to DGC

Voting papers to be used in voting years to elect members to the DGC

For anyone that wishes to partake in the Country Club Levy, this document needs to be signed and acknowledged by Wharekauhau Country Estate

To be completed should you be looking to sell and wish to have it listed with Wharekauhau

To be used in voting years for estate lot owners to put themselves forward to then be voted on by all other estate lot owners for joining the DGC

To be completed when an owner wishes to have regular maintenance done on their estate lot