Our Chef

Executive Chef Rob Cullen.

It is important for us that the person in-charge of our culinary programme is someone that can build on the traditions of those that have come before us, while respecting the land, and seasons. Rob is the absolute epitome of this. He has a kind, thoughtful, respectful approach, and loves for every dish to tell a story!

Rob has a resume second to none, having spent a number of years in some of Europe’s top kitchens, a few luxury lodges here in New Zealand, a number of private hotels in the Pacific Islands, and a number of years as the Kitchen Manager for the Royal Palace of Jordan.

Rob is a man that when not ‘on the pans’ in the kitchen he is out foraging coastlines, valleys and pastures. He loves to dive the coastlines and understand a regions eco-system to ensure what we are doing always leaves the land (or ocean) in a better place than before!