Southerly storms are part of the fabric that tells the Wharekauhau story. In the depths of winter our coastal location makes us the most amazing place to be in one of Wellingtons famous Southerly Storms. 


There is something special and energizing about the storms that roll through Palliser Bay. Imagine crisp cool southerly winds that are straight from the depths of Antarctica whipping up giant waves that just roar as they come into Palliser Bay, and yet you are sitting in your warm, cosy cottage, and snug perhaps enjoying a red wine fireside.


Giving we cannot predict when these will be, we simply suggest signing up to this specific special list and when we know a great storm is approaching, we will give you a shoulder-tap.

NOTE :: This package will be priced based on the seasons the storms fall in and we will reach out to you roughly about a week out from any predicted Southerly storms of signifigance.