Soil Barrel Cellar Passion

Three of the biggest influences in great wines combine in a one day tour. Look, see, smell, touch, and most importantly taste the influence that, the soil, the barrels, the vintage and the passion have over our tiny region.

The Martinborough wine region has been growing vines for about 40 years. A young region by comparison globally, but one of the oldest in the New Zealand wine world. Enjoy the rare opportunity to get past the cellar door and into the private cellars of some of the craftsmen of our region.

Without giving all of our secrets away some of the highlights of the day out would include; A walk and taste through one of the award winning vineyards...Drawing samples straight from the barrel and tasting the wine before it even hits the bottle.... A trip into the private cellar one of the private cellars to sample some of the older vintages from the region; and a few other ‘hidden gems’ of the region.